Graham and Jessie Haddad, Wings of Hope: Journeying Against Human Trafficking with Free To Fly

Welcome to ‘Free To Fly: Unveiling Hope Against Trafficking.’ In this podcast, we journey into the heart of Free To Fly, an organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring young lives from the horrors of human trafficking. Join us as we explore their mission, challenges, and incredible stories of resilience. Get ready to discover how Free To Fly is making a difference and how you can join the fight against this pervasive crime.

Laurie Pieters-James, Safeguarding Against Human Trafficking Online

Embark on a compelling journey with Laurie Pieters-James, a distinguished Forensic Criminologist, Specialist Offender Profiler, cyber influencer, and public speaker, as we navigate the digital frontlines against human trafficking in “Safeguarding Against Human Trafficking Online.” Unveiling shocking realities, Laurie brings expertise in criminal profiling, criminology, and cyber law to empower listeners with in-depth discussions, real-world cases, and expert interviews. With an Honours Degree in Criminology, Laurie assesses, analyzes, and predicts criminal behavior, providing valuable insights into the complexities of criminal profiling, cyber law, and the critical intersection with human trafficking in the digital age. This podcast is your go-to resource for understanding, preventing, and combating online human trafficking.

Matt Friedman, CEO Mekong Club

In this podcast episode, host Matt Friedman discusses his extensive experience in addressing the issue of human trafficking, spanning over 32 years. He has worked predominantly in Asian countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, and now Hong Kong. Throughout his career, Matt has tackled various forms of human trafficking, including sex trafficking, forced labor, and, more recently, the trafficking of individuals to scam centers. Tune in to hear his insights and expertise on this critical global issue.

Phinius Sebatsane, Hidden Tragedies: Unmasking Exploitation and Trafficking within Homelessness

Today, we have a familiar and inspiring guest: Phinius Sebatsane, the founder of the Rea Thusana Foundation. With a heart that embraces the homeless in our community, Phinius has illuminated lives and brought attention to the exploitation and trafficking that affect the most vulnerable. Stay tuned as we delve into his remarkable journey and the impact of his authentic dedication.

Unraveling Ukutwala: Untangling Modern Distortions and Its Intersection with Human Trafficking

Discover the ancient tradition of Ukutwala with Mam Ngobese, a Zulu cultural expert, as we examine its distortion in modern times and its link to Human Trafficking. Join us to gain valuable insights into this practice and its potential impact on Modern Day Slavery. Let’s combat exploitation together and empower a world where freedom prevails – welcome to Free To Fly podcasts.

Nopinky Mafusini, Survivor of Human Trafficking (Part 1)

Today, we have the privilege of speaking to Nopinky, a survivor of human trafficking. While we will not be discussing Nopinky’s personal story of trafficking, we will be hearing from her about her life before trafficking. Our goal is to gain insight into some of the factors that can make individuals vulnerable to modern day slavery. We hope that by learning about these factors, we can raise awareness and promote prevention efforts. Thank you for joining us on this important conversation.

Tony, from Pimp to Advocate Against Trafficking

Today we will be talking to Tony, who will be sharing openly about his life experience as a pimp and a drug dealer. He will be answering questions like what led him into this kind of lifestyle, why he decided to pursue it and later, leave it. He will be discussing issues that not many dare talk about. The story will bring hope into a context where there seems to be none. We will be linking in with him all the way from Nigeria.