Free To Fly | Shop
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About Our Shop

Welcome to our online shop! As part of our initiative to raise funds for the sustainability of our place of safety we designed and launched our own jewellery brand. These pieces were made with love and thought. All the proceeds are sown into the building and sustaining of the home. Remember that your purchase is changing the tragic course of children who come out of human trafficking, to be free to fly.

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Our first range was made with the heart of sustainability and slow fashion in mind. We are very conscious of our footprint on this beautiful earth and how we will leave it for future generations. With this in mind, we choose to make most of our jewellery in sterling silver and brass, which are lasting materials. All our jewellery is locally made, by a relatively small jewellery manufacturing company that is big on quality and ethically manufactured goods. The lead jewellery designer is a true artisan of the jewellery trade.

The first range was birthed around the vision for the girls that will walk through our doors and forms part of our logo (the butterfly).

The butterfly symbolises the vision we have for each girl to be loved, restored to wholeness and set free to fly!